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“One of the major differences between ritual and theatre is that in ritual one communicates with the gods whereas in theatre communication is established with a human audience” ― Errol Hill

Our Personal Improvement Workshops have been developed to help individuals improve aspects of their life they find important. They are 1 – 2 hours in length and pair well with other workshops. Whether selecting a single event or a full day of improvement activities our Personal Improvement Workshops can be used to build an exciting schedule for your clientele that will educate and engage.

Here are some of the topics available for your clientele.

Becoming a Public Speaking Powerhouse

Being a quiet person doesn’t mean you can’t speak your mind. Speaking in public intimidates many people, but learning tips and tricks on how to get your point across can help overcome that fear. Public Speaking can be used to your advantage and give you the confidence to change the world.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to OVERCOME the nerves of Public Speaking
  • How to CRAFT a speech you can be proud to present
  • How to PRESENT effectively to inspire and motivate your audience
Improve Your Credit Score

Credit is an important tool to obtain more financial opportunities. Credit scores range from 200 – 850 with the majority of people living with a credit score under 500. With a couple of simple strategies you can boost your credit score. With higher Credit Score you can get better interest rates for loans, easier acceptance for housing applications, and even better employment opportunities.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to CHECK and Understand your Credit Report
  • Simple steps to IMPROVE your Credit Score
  • How to DISPUTE inconsistencies in your Credit Report to the correct agencies
How to Become Your Own Bank with - Growing Your Personal Wealth

Financial Independence sounds tricky. Often money is tight and feels like there is never enough. With a few simple strategies it is possible to plan for a future where you can become your own system of wealth. Creating a proper fiscal plan right now can make moving into the future easier.

This presentation will teach:

  • What to CONSIDER when looking at future financial liability
  • How to UNDERSTAND current fiscal assets and how they mean right now
  • How to START investing in the future without breaking your current bank
Finding the Right Career for Your Future

What is a Job vs a Career? Do you have to go to college or is there another way? How do you know what is right for you? Too many people are stuck in a job or lack of job thinking they cannot be happy. The skills you have, the knowledge you’ve gained, and thinks you enjoy can all be helpful in determining your employment path.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to FIND your personal value that will guide your employment search
  • How to DETERMINE your best means of education
  • How to ENVISION your future as a professional

If there are topics we do not have listed that would fit your Clients more effectively, Contact Us. We will work with your group to create what you need for your organization.

Our Workshop Development team has over 25 years’ experience with Business Education and has helped over hundreds of Companies successfully build their brands and grow their revenues. From startup to mid-sized companies and beyond, our education team can help your clients’ companies grow.