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“Ultimately one has to pity these poor souls who know every secret about writing, directing, designing, producing, and acting but are stuck in those miserable day jobs writing reviews. Will somebody help them, please?” ― David Ives

Our Employment Workshops have been developed to help individuals build the skills and materials to set them apart from the rest of the candidate pool. They are 1 – 2 hours in length and pair well with each other building upon concepts learned from other workshops. Whether selecting a single event or a full day of employment activities our Employment Workshops can be used to build an exciting schedule for your clientele that will educate and engage.

Here are some of the topics available for your clientele.

searching for employment satisfaction

There are many different places to hear about employment opportunities: websites, newspapers and job boards. Jobs are easy to come by, but finding employment that makes you happy is not as easy. This workshop is designed to find opportunities and qualify those opportunities into employment that will make you happy instead of just another job.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to PREPARE Yourself for the Employment Search
  • Best Places to FIND Opportunities
  • How to CHOOSE the Best Opportunities for You
how to stand out from crowd

Personal Branding is important to showcasing who you are. With multiple qualified candidates for each position, how can you make a powerful impression which puts you on top? This workshop will provide guidance into creating a Personal Brand keeping any candidate in the top of mind.

This workshop will teach:

  • How to REALIZE What Makes You Unique
  • How to CREATE Statements that Impress Potential Employers
  • How to Network and LEAVE a Lasting Impression
creating a powerful value statement

The “Elevator Pitch” and “Me in 30 Seconds” are powerful tools to create a good impression. Crafting these items can be difficult. This workshop will guide you to creating statements of value you can use to “Wow” any employer.

This workshop will teach:

  • How to COMMUNICATE Effectively to Bosses, Colleagues and Others
  • How to CRAFT Value Statements that Will Impress People
  • How to GROW Your Value Statements from 1 to 300
building resumes that impress

Resumes are the cornerstone of the employment process. Most resumes do not showcase the true value of the candidates. This workshop will provide tools to craft impressive resumes for any opportunity and keep you on top of mind.

This workshop will teach:

  • How to BUILD Impressive Resumes for Each Application
  • An Effective Strategy to SHOWCASE Your Skills and Accomplishments
  • How to ORGANIZE Your Employment Search to Be Effective
3 things every employer is looking for

Interviewing can be daunting. Learning the 3 things every employer wants will help you navigate the interview with ease. Learn to prepare for the interview, with these 3 items in mind and make a valuable impression that will keep the interviewer thinking about you.

This workshop will teach:

  • 3 Things Every Employer Is LOOKING for from Candidates
  • Strategies to INTERVIEW without Being Nervous
  • How to SPEAK Effectively to Potential Employers
following up after the interview effectively

It is horrible waiting to see the outcome of the interview. Calling the interviewer and asking if there is any news is a common response. This type of contact makes everyone feel uncomfortable. This workshop will provide a different approach and tactic which will make all parties feel appreciated.

This workshop will teach:

  • What to REMEMBER Directly After the Interview
  • When to SCHEDULE Follow-Up and What To Say
  • How to FOLLOW-UP without Embarrassing Yourself
creating a powerful LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform which allows people to showcase their professional expertise. Keeping a profile up to date will show potential employers and headhunters what you offer and how you can fit into their companies. This workshop will show how to create a LinkedIn profile that will keep opportunities coming throughout the years.

This workshop will teach:

  • How to OPTIMIZE Your Profile to Be Viewed by Everyone
  • How to UPDATE Your Profile Effectively
  • How to Search and APPLY for Opportunities You Will Love

If there are any topics that would fit your Candidates more effectively, Contact Us. We will work with your group to create what you need for your organization.

Our Workshop Development team has over 20 years experience with Employment Education and has helped over 1000 Candidates successfully find or transfer into Employment Opportunities.