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“I saw myself as a person that wanted to build their own house and was aware that I needed to have all the skills and know-how of house building. I knew I needed to learn everything from design to bricklaying to painting to electrics if I wanted to have the house that I envisioned.” ― Teddy Hayes, The Guerrilla Guide To Being A Theatrical Producer

Our Business Workshops have been developed to help individuals go from idea to product to business. They are 1 – 2 hours in length and pair well with each other building upon concepts learned from other workshops. Whether selecting a single event or a full day of business development activities our Business Workshops can be used to build an exciting schedule for your clientele that will educate and engage.

Here are some of the topics available for your clientele.

Turning a Hobby into a Business

Do you have something you love to do and wonder if someone will buy it? Hobby Businesses can provide everything from passive income to multi-million dollar companies. The first step is to evaluate how well your business will succeed.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to EVALUATE ideas, competitive advantages, and possible threats
  • How to ESTIMATE what you can sell and for how much
  • How to UNDERSTAND your customers and what they desire
What Is Needed to Start a Company

Starting a new business can sound intimidating. There are certain procedures and processes that are needed to be understood. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to navigate. Understanding how these systems work makes becoming your own boss extremely simple.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to KNOW what type of entity to choose for your company
  • How to INVITE people to mentor or advise your company
  • How to NAVIGATE the legal system to create your company without hiring expensive lawyers
Build a Website and Start Getting Paid

Hiring website developers is expensive. But getting your own domain and website doesn’t require expensive developers anymore. Getting up and running with a website is simple and easy, with the proper guidance.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to SELECT what type of website is best for your company
  • How to FUNNEL your website traffic into sales
  • How to DESIGN marketing and advertising using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Marketing to Customers Using Social Media

Companies spend Millions targeting people on Social Media. But crafting smart targeted messages that can drive traffic to your website doesn’t need to spend that much. Traditional marketing principles still work using contemporary outlets. Learn what you can do to create catchy and powerful advertising using these platforms.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to CAPTIVATE an audience using 30-60 seconds
  • How to SCHEDULE your posts to hit optimal traffic for your audience
  • How to DETERMINE what is the best outlet your customers use
Your Getting Money ... Now What? Keeping Track of Finances

One of the biggest mistakes startup companies make is not keeping track of the money. Balance sheets, expense reports, and Profit & Loss reports need to be understood, but they can be confusing. With a little guidance and understanding, the revenue you make today can provide security for the troubles of tomorrow.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to READ important reports to know where your business stands financially
  • How to KNOW when to bootstrap and when to secure finances from external sources
  • How to INVEST in your company without losing everything
How to Secure Money for Your Business (Loans, Grants and Investors)

Your business is looking for new capital. Either you are a startup or have been in business for a while, companies need to ensure they have the money to grow and keep going. What are the options available? Companies think about loans, but other types of capital investment may provide better opportunities.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to CHOOSE what type of fund-raising opportunities will work for your business
  • What is NEEDED to prepare for investors, banks and other capital lending opportunities
  • How to SEARCH for opportunities for capital growth
Planning for a Profitable Future (Business Plans vs Marketing Plans)

90 percent of business fail in the first year. It is not because they “plan to fail” but because many often “fail to plan.” Thinking strategically about your business, products and services, and marketing will help guide your organization to success. Business and Marketing Plans allow actions that ensure revenue growth and success.

This presentation will teach:

  • How to THINK strategically about what your business needs to succeed
  • How to DISCOVER and use the right tools to build plans for your organization
  • How to WRITE effective strategies to guide your employees and staff into successful years

If there are topics we do not have listed that would fit your Clients more effectively, Contact Us. We will work with your group to create what you need for your organization.

Our Workshop Development team has over 25 years’ experience with Business Education and has helped over hundreds of Companies successfully build their brands and grow their revenues. From startup to mid-sized companies and beyond, our education team can help your clients’ companies grow.